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General Info

+ Are Hybrid's events for all ages?

No. Our events are only for aged 18 and above.

+ When is the best time to arrive?

We'd recommend you to come as early as possible. Our events are designed to be experienced from start to end. It would be easier to locate a parking spot as well, if you're driving to our venue.

+ Are there any prohibited items?

Illegal weapons and drugs are prohibited.

Ticket Info

+ How can I buy the tickets?

You may purchase them online. Please visit https://hybridentertainment.com.my/purchase-tickets and choose the event tickets for purchase.

+ I have purchased my ticket but I have not received an email with the e-voucher. What should I do?

Check your spam folder. If it's not there, please write to contact@hybridentertainment.com.my.

Wristband info

+ What should I bring to exchange my e-voucher to a wristband?

Please bring your identification card along with the e-voucher that includes a barcode or QR-code.

+ What is the valid pass to enter the venue? E-voucher or wristbands?

Your wristband. You will have to exchange your e-voucher to a wristband before you can enter the venue.